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Protective Hat

    Protective Hat


    Introducing our Faraday sun hat, created to provide protection from all types of harmful radiation while keeping you effortlessly sophisticated. Made with 40% silver thread and 60% cotton, this hat is a testament to style, innovation and your well being.

    Acting as an invisible shield, the silver thread woven into the fabric deflects all radiation from the sun, Wi-Fi, cell phones, RF and microwave antennas, ensuring that your mind stays safe from damage.

    The hat comes with a removable neck covering, providing 360 degree coverage for your head and shoulders. Made with the same high-quality composition of silver thread and cotton, it's your ultimate companion for everyday adventures.

    To top it off, we've included a breathable snap on/off face mask woven with 100% silver thread. The mask offers enhanced protection for your face, effectively filtering out airborne particles while keeping you comfortable and stylish.

    Not only does this hat prioritize your safety, it also ensures your utmost comfort. The lightweight and breathable fabric, combined with an adjustable strap, guarantees a perfect fit and all-day comfort. It is time to stay connected in an ever-changing RF environment without any worries. ♡

    Our silver-woven fabric:

    3-emf test.png

    General scientific ambient

    radiation frequency test of

    our silver-woven fabric.


    Fine silver-woven fabric

    blocks all negative signals and is anti-bacterial.


    Soft, cool and comfortable,

    with sleek illumination

    during EMF / 5G shielding.

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