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The logo is constituted by the pictorial representation of the Chinese company name "三个天堂" and English company name "Three Heavens" and designed with three hearts revolving around a ring of unity as the standard symbolizing love and togetherness as well as vision. The ring of unity shows Three Heaven’s global vision and strategic insight. The glowing color not only indicates our commitment to global resonance and perfect global harmony, but a structure that floats in the sky, which indicates a thriving future. The shape of the heart begins with two points diverging. These points converge to create the symbol of LOVE.

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Understand the types of harmful radiation, and why we aspire to help You stay safe, empty and satisfied.


Learn to block radiation and embrace only the positive signals with our quality EMF products.


Attain global resonance through physical and mental health, and the spiritual awakening of everyone. 

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